Does Amy's have any products that have dairy but are lactose free?

Here’s the deal. Lactose Free products are not the same as Dairy Free products. Products that are called "Lactose Free" do not contain any milk sugar, but they may contain isolated, lactose free milk protein, such as caseinate. "Dairy Free" products do not contain lactose or milk proteins. So, if you would like to avoid milk proteins or dairy completely, you should only purchase Amy's products that are labeled "Dairy Free," "Non-Dairy" or "Vegan."

In some of Amy's products, like Tofu Vegetable Lasagna, we use soy cheeze instead of dairy cheese, for the benefit of our customers who are trying to avoid dairy cheeses. However, Amy's does not label all these products as "dairy free" because some contain a small amount of caseinate, a milk/dairy protein that helps the soy cheeze melt and stretch. Amy's clearly labels products with these soy cheezes as containing caseinate.

Several years ago, we found some soy cheezes that do not contain milk proteins that taste and look great in certain products. Check the labels to find products that work best for your diet. We’re happy to tell you that we currently produce over 100 Vegan products, including five delicious Vegan Pizzas! You can easily find our Vegan items on our website here. Or search by selecting "Vegan." Also, if there is the phrase "Dairy Free" on the package, it will not contain caseinate.