BBQ Tofu Pizza

BBQ Tofu Pizza

The highlight of this pizza is Chef Fred's made-from-scratch barbecue sauce, sweetened with organic molasses and blended with the perfect spices. We ladle it onto our hand-stretched crust and top it with Monterey Jack cheese, organic red onions, spinach and barbecue-marinated tofu. You might need to add an extra pizza night to your week. Tree nut free

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Amy's chopped tofu

Masters of Tofu

We make all of our own tofu from scratch because no one can make it better than our tofu masters, who have been traditionally trained. We start with American-grown, non-GMO organic soybeans. Each batch of tofu is hand-crafted to achieve the ideal firmness. Then we chop it, dice it or marinate it, depending on which recipe we’re making.