Vegan Chocolate Pecan Pie

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Vegan Chocolate Pecan Pie

By Rezel Kealoha

This is a super easy way to impress your guests at the dessert table or your next family potluck. With just a few ingredients you can make this elegant and gooey pecan pie.


Serves 6 - 8 30 minutes Easy


To make the filling

  • Break up the candy bars into small pieces in a bowl. 
  • Add the cashew milk.
  • Heat in the microwave in 30-second intervals until fully melted and smooth.
  • Add in the ground flax seeds and set aside to cool down and thicken.

To make the pie crust

  • In a food processor, place the flour, salt and sugar then mix for a minute to combine. Add the butter and mix until the dough starts to form pebbles. 
  • Add ice cold water a tablespoon at a time and pulse in between each tablespoon.
  • Once you see the dough start sticking together, stop adding water. 
  • Remove the dough and form it into a disk then wrap with plastic wrap. Place in the fridge until you are ready to roll it out.

To make the pie

  • Pre-heat the oven to 350°F.  Spray the pie tin with coconut oil and place in the freezer.
  • Dust a clean clear surface with flour then take out the pie dough and roll it out to about ⅛ inch thick.
  • Take out the pie tin from the freezer and lay out the dough in the tin, pressing it lightly. Use a sharp paring knife to trim the edges.
  • Cover the pie dough with the pecans then cover it with the chocolate candy filling. Decorate with more pecans around the edges and bake for 15 minutes until the crust is nice and golden.
  • Allow the pie to fully cool down before cutting into it.

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Pro tip

Instead of using pie crust, you can replace it with your favorite store-bought sugar cookie dough.