Farro & Black Bean Veggie Burger Salad

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Farro & Black Bean Veggie Burger Salad

By Kim-Julie Hansen

Amy’s delicious veggie burger patties aren’t just for buns! They're the perfect addition to your salads and veggie bowls that can be enjoyed as an on-the-go lunch or for dinner at home.


Serves 1 10 mins Easy


  • Cook the patty according to package instructions. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and enjoy with your favorite dressing. Suggested dressing: tahini beet salad dressing


Pro tip

Feel free to use quinoa instead of farro and the Sonoma Veggie Burger instead of the black bean burger to make it gluten-free and/or use lentils or beans to add a little extra plant protein. Lightly salted, roasted almonds also make a tasty addition.